12V DC Power Adapter

12V DC Power Adapter for the Clippard Solenoid
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Clear CO2 Resistant Tubing - 1Ft

High Quality Polyurethane CO2 Resistant Tubing, 1/4”(Outside Diameter), 1/8”(Inside Diameter), Clear - 1FT/each

Fluval CO2 Bubble Counter

In-line CO2 Bubble Counter. Can be attached to the side of the tank via included suction cap or hang inside the tank cabinet.

CO2 Regulator Post Body Kit #1 (12v)

A CO2 regulator post-body kit that is a step above commercial CO2 regulators in the market today. With a solenoid that never gets hot and is rated up to a billion cycle and a precise industrial grade needle valve that maintains constant bubble count. (Note: Kit will come disassembled. 12VDC Power Adapter not included)